The Juridicizing of Politics

COMMAILLE, Jacques; DUMOULIN, Laurence; ROBERT, Cecile

Institutul European, Iasi, 2012

DUMOULIN, Laurence
ROBERT, Cecile

◊ From “legal sociology” to a political sociology of law
◊ On the analysis of public policies: critical reflections on a law-less theory
◊ Cross-perspectives on the construction of laws: from a social history to a socio-history of public action
◊ Anthropology – between denying and limiting the law
◊ The new uses of law in political regulation
◊ Policy implementation and normative production: a dead angle of public policy analysis?
◊ Between politics and law, the legal policy of the city
◊ The juridicizing of politics. Between reality and knowledge about reality

Taking into account the place held by the issue of legality in the political field, which makes it difficult to be approached exclusively by the science of law, this book puts forth a series of contributions that come from various social sciences: history, anthropology, sociology, political science. The authors analyze, on the one hand, the practical effects of juridicizing in the establishment and implementation of policies, and, on the other, its impact on the evolution of the borders that separate various social sciences. The new paths of research proposed are based on interdisciplinarity and a comparative perspective on the object of study. Seen as a classic work in France, this book addresses sociologists, political scientists, and jurists whereas the new political-legal shifts within the European area make it an indispensable reading for Romanian specialists. 

 Justice, politics, and society
 Translated by: ANTONIU, Irinel
 Preface by: SCHNAPPER, Dominique; COMAN, Ramona; DESMAREZ, Pierre; de WAELE, Jean-Michel
 268 pages, (130x205) mm
 ISBN: 978-973-611-905-7
 Price 39 lei

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